Sean Hughes: Comedian, actor and writer dies aged 51

Hard to believe that somebody so young could die of a heart attack.

The BBC website summed it up –

In 1990, Sean Hughes – then 24 – became the youngest person to win the coveted Perrier Award – now known as the Edinburgh Comedy Award – at the Edinburgh Festival.

“I was told that I had won the Perrier award as I walked off stage after another sweaty performance,” Hughes later wrote in The Guardian. “The judging panel rushed on to the stage to congratulate me.

“‘Will it go to his head?’. I doubt it. If the panel had made it 10 minutes earlier, they would have seen two people walking out of my award-winning show.”

Nica Burns, director of the awards, remembered him as “a huge talent” and “a very good writer” who had “instinctive timing from day one”.


sean hughs

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