May-Day Forced To Scrap Universal Credit 55p A Minute Charges – Eventually

We all knew it would be a disaster. It was the illegitimate off-spring of IDS and that hideous Esther McVile. It was never going to amount to anything remotely human. It was then taken over by that shit-for-brains David Dork. It just got worse. Then May-Day jumped up and decided she would, initially, defend it.

When you are looking for examples for heartless, lacking any soul and devoid of empathy with the human race then you really do not need to look any further.

It is hard to believe that someone in that Tory cesspit actually thought it was acceptable that people who, by definition, would be financially challenged would be able to wait 6 weeks before getting any financial support.

Just to kick those already struggling some evil bastard then thought that it would be a good idea that if those claiming had a problem they ring in for help and pay 55p a minute to be left listening to Four Seasons for 20 minutes!

The Nasty Party? Oh yes, they are the Nasty Party. A collection of some of the most selfish, self-obsessed, ego maniacs with no heart or soul ever put together. Heaven help us!

thinks its funny

The Witch Actually Thinks It’s Funny!

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