Is Donny Dump A Serial Liar Or Is He Just Thick?

Well here in the office we suspect he’s actually both. Bad enough all the claptrap he tweets and talks in the US but every now and again he imagines he knows what it going on overseas. It could be funny if it wasn’t so clueless coming from a nation’s leader.

Donny saw a report that claimed crime in the UK had risen by 13% yet he ignored all the explanation that followed to explain the figure. His tiny mind looked for a reason that would suit him and he decided to link to “radical Islamic terror”. Where the hell did that come from because it wasn’t in the original report?

Here’s his tweet.

made up uk crime

Dump’s tweet used data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)’s latest crime update, which reported a 13% increase across all offences in the 12 months to June but these only covered England and Wales. Their statistics made no reference to “radical Islamic terror”.

When it comes to ‘Fake News’ then Donny Dump is the master!

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