May Makes A Song And Dance About Abuse Again But We’ve Heard It All Before

If you are old enough you might remember May set-up an inquiry into Child Abuse. You’ll need a good memory to recall what happened with it. Is it still running? Is a report due anytime soon? Who knows? A classic political trick of setting up an inquiry so as nobody can talk about it until the report is published. Then just kick it into the long grass and forget all about it.

Now she is claiming that their needs to be an inquiry into Abuse in Westminster. She’s been in Number 10 for a year now and gets to see the Whips on a regular basis. Only now, as the cak has hit the fan, she has thought it might be time to do something about what she has been told each time. We doubt very much she would have said anything if it hadn’t appeared in the press.

So what progress do we believe this latest inquiry will make? Well we reckon it will be, as usual, pretty close to bugger all. She is bloody useless.

September 2016 update

Fades Into History

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