So What Is It That Smarmy Git David Davis Is Trying To Hide?

We all know that Davis is bloody useless. Couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery and yet clueless May put him in charge of the Brexit Negotiations! To be fair, she had sod-all else to choose from!

Well now it seems that Davis is treating Parliament with contempt over the partial release of Brexit documents. It would appear that the parts that make Davis look a right prat have been redacted – a smartarse word for crossed-out.

According to the bunch of two-faced Tories they are being as “open as possible” but some sensitive details which risk “undermining the UK’s negotiating hand” must be kept private. Clearly the will of Parliament and, by default, the will of the people is being ignored and transparency ditched.

Robin Walker, he’s the smug Tory with the speech impediment, said he hoped the “accessible and informative” material would be made available to all MPs in due course – in a reading room – but defended the removal of commercially sensitive details which he suggested could damage the UK’s negotiating strategy. A ‘negotiating strategy’? Is he trying to take the piss?

The report clearly rips into Davis and probably Johnson and Creepy-Fox as well. It’s no wonder they want to hide it for as long as possible!


david davis

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