Damian Green: Classic Tory ‘Duck & Dive’ And Find Somebody To Blame

We’ve seen it so many time before. When a Tory is up to their neck in shite then the ‘Duck & Dive’ team are called out to throw in a dead cat.

Porno lover Damian Green {alleged}, who’s computer was full of it except, naturally, he knew nothing about it, is trying to dodge the sack. In any other office he would have been sacked weeks ago but he’s an MP!! He can do whatever he likes and his ‘chums’ will cover for him.

First he got NadineShit-For-BrainsDorries to claim that everyone in her office knows the password to her computer. That must make her constituents who have sent her confidential details feel very reassured!!

Now the Tory media have got Commissioner Creesida Dick to get involved and condemn the retired officers who made the claims. That’s it – blame the messenger and the message and don’t worry about the perpetrator.

The Tories will circle the wagons and protect Green at all costs. They can then give him a pat on the back, well, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want to shake his hand now, would you????


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