The Next Big Superfood – Snails?

Are you looking for foods rich in protein, iron and Omega-3? If so then you could do a lot worse than tuck into a bowl of snails. The French have known about them for years!

It seems the French have known the six good reasons to eat this Superfood for generations and now could be the time for us to join them.

The first of these is that provide a low calorie source of protein. In fact they have more protein in them than many seafood’s, often seen as a high protein source.

Then you can look to the iron they contain. We need this for our blood and as an energy source around the body. If you are often feeling tired then snails could be what you need.

They are also rich in vitamin B12 which is one of those that works around and body and pretty much keeps everything working properly. Snails provide this vitamin in large amounts.

Snails also have those little things you never really think of and one of those is magnesium. This is great for the heart as it helps your blood pressure and to maintain a regular heartbeat. As a bonus it also strengthens bones. You’ve got to have it.

How is your selenium level? No, it’s not something we think of but it is vital even though we don’t need much of it. It adds our immune system and helps to protect our cells from damage. You’ve guessed it, snails have it in them.

Finally we come to Omega-3 which everyone has heard of it. It is great for the heart but, to be fair to seafood, there isn’t that much in them although it is there.

So there you have it. All we have to say is, “Appréciez un bol d’escargots!”


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