In Praise Of Our National Health System

A simple tale of what happened to one of our team yesterday.

The Big Fella in our team had an appointment with the Podiatrist. It’s a regular thing and he has them every six weeks or so.

While being seen by them his feet were fine but she ‘didn’t like the look’ of his lower legs. She strongly advised him to see the Nurse for her considered opinion.

Leaving the Podiatrist the Big Man approached reception and sought an appointment with the nurse. “Would 10 past 2 be suitable?” Yes that is an appointment later on the same day! He snapped it up and went and waited in the car, listening to the radio.

The sun went down and it got pretty damn cold so he went and waited inside.

He saw the Nurse and she decided they needed dressing and then re-dressing and that a Doctor really ought to take a look. She booked him a re-dressing appointment for two days’ time and also booked him an appointment with the Doctor – 3 hours later the SAME day.

This time the Big Guy decided to avoid freezing his conkers off in the car and found a quiet, out of the way spot, to simply wait his turn.

Seeing him sitting there for well over an hour, and more, a few kind souls asked him if he was alright. He explained his day to them and they wished him well. As luck would have it he found a waiting area in the medical centre that didn’t have any appointments for the first part of the afternoon so he was left in the peace and quiet. More of this later.

The clock ticked on and sure enough he got to see the Doctor. He got a Prescription, there and then, and the details of the Pharmacy that was still open. Amazing! One planned appointment followed by two more ‘on the day’ plus some tablets all in the one day. Our wonderful, wonderful NHS.

Maybe it’s because we are lucky enough to live in Dorset, who knows. We defy anybody to get better care than the Big Fella did yesterday.

Now about that quiet waiting area. After a while there was activity in that area and it was clear appointments were about to start. The Big Man was aware of an elegant woman who came into the area waiting for her appointment. He looked up politely and turned away. He realised, in that brief second, he knew her from 30 years ago! He looked up again and spoke to her using her name. Yes he was right! Some 30 years but he had recognised her and remembered her name! He left with her number.

What were the chances? Such is fate.

love nhs

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