It Finally Starts To Dawn On Tess That Boorish Is After Her Job

To say that May-Day is completely out of touch is an understatement but the fact that she doesn’t even realise what is happening in her own Cabinet is a real eye-opener!

Boorish Johnson thinks HE ought to be living at Number 10. It doesn’t matter that he would be a ####ing disaster; he just wants the job. Worse than that; he thinks the position is his by right! He really is that arrogant.

His mates in the media have worked hard to promote this ‘gosh he’s a funny chap’ image when really he is an evil, self-centred bully with no concern for anyone other than himself. Tess is just about starting to see this yet it was left to that limp-dick of a Chancer of the Exchequer to put Johnson straight.

Boorish is so far up his own arse that he believes his ONLY weakness are those pictures of him claiming that our NHS would get £350m a week post Brexit. He’s far worse than this and a search of the articles in TheField will explain this. This morning he got his media-mates to leak what he was going to say in a confidential Cabinet meeting this morning.

Boorish let it be known that he would be suggesting, very strongly, that an additional £100m a week should be used to fund our NHS even though he is our disastrous Foreign Secretary and neither the Health Minister or the Exchequer.

It seems Hammond was not best pleased with this interference and issued a statement where he reminded Boorish that he was only “the foreign secretary” and not the Health secretary and certainly NOT the Exchequer. The Hunt, as usual, was in hiding and was not available for a response. May managed to remind everyone of the need for confidentiality – well THAT told them!

Boorish clearly has some arse-kissers in the Tory Party but days like today might just see their numbers dwindling.


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