Schools Struggle To Get Mental Health Help, Says Survey

Well that was hardly rocket-science now, was it?

A survey of UK head teachers has found that nearly half are struggling to get mental health support for their pupils. We are staggered that half imagine they are NOT struggling!

They are schools and they are underfunded as schools. They are NOT medical centres so why on earth would they spend vast sums of their limited finds on activities that are not their core function?

This blindingly obvious survey was conducted by the Children’s Mental Health Week. What did they expect to find?

Naturally the Department of Health and Department for Education published a joint plan to improve children and young people’s access to mental health support at schools and colleges in England but have not provided any additional funding. They have “pledged” money, of course, but schools haven’t seen it and by the time it trickles down to individual schools it will be mere peanuts – the usual Tory story.

Yes, once again, it is the ‘Pass The Buck’ from May and her cronies as they claim any failings are nothing to do with them. It’s all getting a tad tiresome.


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