Arming Teachers: The Thoughts Over On Facebook

I’m pretty sure there are a few teachers who follow me on FB. I was wondering –

I held a shotgun licence for some 25 years until I gave it up last October. I was a half decent shot and when farmers, who I played cricket and rugby with, had an infestation of rats or rabbits they did invite me to help out. I’d legally held a gun for all that time.

Would I want to carry a concealed weapon around the classroom all day? Not a bloody chance! Apart from being the only adult in the room, making me the first target for a nutter, it would change the entire role of a teacher.

Only a dim-witted, ego obsessed idiot would even consider arming teachers as a viable option. He is clearly somebody who has no idea about what is involved with the role of a teacher. Even more frightening is that his sycophantic hangers-on didn’t have the balls to tell him to stop talking such utter twaddle.

The flaws in his thinking are just staggering but amongst all of them the one over-riding horror is this. In the stress and anxiety of the situation that an armed teacher could suddenly find themselves in what would the reaction be when they got it wrong and accidentally shot a student? What then?

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