You Just Wouldn’t Believe What A Dreadful Bunch Are MPs Are

Hard to believe, given what everybody else is going through but our MPs are going to accept yet another pay rise. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

They just don’t give a shite and simply hide behind this illusion of the IPSA. That’s the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority which just happens to include just about every establishment figure they can find! Independent? Don’t make us laugh!

Their latest pay rise, on top of all the others they have trouser-ed, is for 1.8% which will give them a rise on their ‘standard’ pay of £1,300. They really do just take the piss. This will leave them with £77,379, how will they cope?

Of course all of those with additional Mickey-Mouse jobs will get an increase on that as well!! They don’t miss a trick. So that means the salary for chairmen of Commons select committees will also increase by 1.8% to £15,509, which is added to their basic salary for being an MP.

Of course everybody else who works for the public will see nothing like these increases but, heaven knows how, our bone-idle MPs don’t fall into that category. Yet still they wonder why so many of us hate them???


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