“Stand Up Straight Boy, Shoulders Back, Shoulders Back”

Showing just how limited their knowledge of Education is, the government have come up with a wizard wheeze! Demonstrating just how firmly their expertise doesn’t extend beyond a public school they have an idea for recruiting ‘new’ teachers.

What our pupils require is a bit of self-discipline and who better to bring this to the classroom than a collection of military veterans who will also be able to offer their leadership skills to our young people.

The plan is to enrol former military personnel who begin teacher training courses in priority subjects – including maths, the sciences and modern foreign languages – and they can get a bursary of £40,000 from September.

It seems that the Dept. for Education is working with the Ministry of Defence to employ ex-servicemen and women to whom discipline is second nature to share the ethos with pupils.

They have come up with this panic measure because UCAS has revealed that teacher training applications for September are down 23%!

The general secretary of the NAHT, Paul Whiteman, has tried to make the best of the offer: “Teacher recruitment is currently a pipeline leaking at both ends. There are insufficient numbers of newly qualified teachers coming into the system, but there are also too many experienced teachers leaving prematurely.

Not only has pay has fallen behind what teachers could expect in other sectors, they are faced with heavy workloads, a difficult work-life balance, and little professional development due to budget cuts.

New schemes for teacher recruitment are welcome but unless money is also spent addressing retention, ultimately nothing will really change for schools.”

You might just remember that the Tories have tried this before with their spectacular failure “Troops to Teachers Programme” where only 28 actually qualified as teachers!

It’s always frightening when a minister reveals their ignorance of a subject they have control over and Damian Hinds frightens the life out of us; “Our ex-servicemen and women – who have already contributed so much to our country – have a wealth of experience and expertise that can be shared in the classroom, teaching pupils the knowledge they need to succeed alongside vital skills, such as leadership and self-discipline.”

If only teaching was that simple.



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