How Deluded Is Chancer Hammond?

Flaccid Phil Hammond, Chancer of the Exchequer, has lived a privileged lifestyle for years. He is cocooned from the world that we live in and works very hard to maintain his exclusion from what the rest of us go through.

Consequently, when he is forced to talk to the great unwashed plebs that we are, he has absolutely no idea what to say. He imagines that, much like the speech from a Best Man, if he throws in a few ‘funnies’ we will all think he really is terribly funny. The reality is that it just reveals how terrible he really is.

Trying to build an image for him, the back street guys nicknamed him ‘Spreadsheet’. They should have simply referred to him as ‘Vacuous’.

For such an empty vessel to be put in charge of the finances of the people of this country is deeply depressing. Exposing, yet again, that May-Day is equally devoid of any social skills or contact with reality.

So while this smug faced, multi-millionaire tries to tell us all, “you have never had it so good”, we all know that he is, quite simply, full of cak.


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