St Patrick’s Day: England v Ireland

We are reminded of going to Twickenham some 20 years ago on St Patrick’s Day to watch England v Ireland. We caught the train and headed off to Waterloo Station. The aim was to get to Waterloo and across to Twickenham as soon as possible and find a bar to have a drink in. That was the plan.

On arriving at Waterloo we were aware of a small crowd forming around what seemed to be a burger van. Then we saw that it wasn’t for burgers it was for Murphy’s Irish stout.

It was obvious that they were giving away free samples in half pint plastic cups. Seemed too good to miss so we all thought we’d checked it out. We had our free sample and then noticed that people who had been there when we arrived had ‘sampled’ another one. We trusted our luck and asked for another sample.

So, to cut a long story short, we never made it to that Twickenham pub and only just got to the ground in time for kick-off! Free Murphy’s fuelling us the entire journey!

Thinking back now it doesn’t seem possible. It’s the middle of London with thousands of rugby supporters round and about making their way to the ground. It’s St Patrick’s Day and England are playing Ireland and they are giving away unlimited free stout. It’s Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one! It would never be allowed today but it did happen.


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