David ‘Dumbo’ Davis Spoils The Party By Not Being Sick Live On TV

He’d turned up for a ‘Luvvie Tory’ morning with Andrew Marr and was taking part in a live broadcast. It appeared that he had overindulged, probably at the Tax Payers’ expense, and had been left with a dicky tummy. So much so that he was forced to sit in the studio with a sick-bucket by his side.

We all felt so really, really sorry for him – honest.

As we settled on the edge of our seats we were all waiting with bated breath for the first signs of a little reflux action. Marr even raised our hopes by reinforcing the problem telling us that Davis had “struggled here despite feeling most unwell this morning”.

So what excitement did we get? None, not a thing. Really, really disappointing. Of course what is odd is that it is usually Davis who makes all of us feel ready to throw-up in a sick bucket with his every utterance on his Brexit negotiations!

sick bucket_edited-1

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