Smartarse Johnson Given A Right Good Kicking Over His Sexist Language And Behaviour

Boorish Johnson is an arsehole. He thinks he should be PM but the truth is he is an idiot. He may have been clever once, just the once mind you, but there have been many beers and wines consumed since then. He has also ensured that he surrounds himself with sycophants and arse-lickers and no longer has any connection with the real world.

His charge sheet is starting to stack up. Liar, teller of out and out porkies, a liar, a pure fantasist, a liar, a fabricator of fake news, a liar and someone prepared to engaged in the roughing up of a journalist for a friend. As Eddie Mair noted, “a nasty piece of works”.

We can now add, Officially because it will be in Hansards, sexist. Called out by The Speaker for both lacking the understanding of the rules of The House along with his sexist comments. Bet the right-wing press and media gloss over this and turn it into an attack on The Speaker. That’ll be the typical, spineless Tory response.

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