The Next Time An MP Tells You How Good Your Broadband Is Remember This

It’s likely to be that idiot Matt Handcock who really doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. He will not like the results of a Which survey.

They found that 1 in 5 {20%} of householders have to suffer slow broadband speeds. This was equalled by a similar number who had dropout problems when twelve providers were compared by their customers.

It was agreed that for them to meet the claims of their advertising that they still have a long way to go.

It seems the ‘very slow’ speeds were likely to be suffered by Talk Talk customers followed by BT users and then Sky. Reports were by 31%, 23% and 22% of their subscribers.

In a class of their own were Virgin Media who were the most likely to leave their customers with no internet whatsoever ‘for hours or even days at a time’. They also topped the list for reported complaint of dissatisfaction with the service.

It was BT who were top of the list of complaints for their pricing policy with some 30% reporting a rise they had not expected.

Which summed it all up, “It’s clear that too many households are still suffering from substandard broadband and our research shows that providers have a long way to go before they meet their customers’ expectations.

“Customers who suffer from a shoddy broadband service will welcome new measures for automatic compensation, however providers should do more to stop these problems from happening in the first place.”

As usual the Tory response is the same old, same old, “We’ve introduced a raft of measures . .. …” Now where have we heard all that bollox before?


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