Are You Ready To Start Paying Your Sugar Tax?

You’d better be because it comes in on Friday! It means that UK shoppers will be asked to pay 18p to 24p more per litre for their sugary drink. It means that a 2 litre bottle could rise by around 25% – yes, a quarter!

It will appear in bands according to the level of sugar per 100ml in the drink. So, chemistry sets at the ready, it’s 18p for up to 5g and 24p up to 8g and upwards. If it’s a milky drink with 75% milk in it though you’ll pay . .. … bugger all in tax! Work that one out.

Now one of the benefits is that it is estimated to raise around £520 million a year, which will be spent on increasing funding sport in primary schools. But surely the idea is to STOP people drinking these sugary drinks not generate ‘sticking plaster’ funds to make up for Government underfunding?

Yet another Tory con trick. They are not interested in the health of the nation, they just want another way to tax us.

Now some producers have looked for dodges around this tax. They have adopted a couple of strategies. Some have kept their prices down by reducing the amount of sugar while others have reduced the size of their cans and bottles. Some have almost certainly done both – a double-whammy for the consumer!

Of course the major impact of these changes will hit those on low incomes the hardest. The very people least able to cushion themselves against the increase but the Tories won’t worry about that. They’ll still be able to afford their £25 a bottle vino!

The odd thing with all of this is that no foods are being taxed. So, if people choose to buy a milkshake, a chocolate bar (or six), a cake (or two), or a bucket of ice cream instead of the cola, then the impact of the tax on sugar consumption will be reduced.

This has promoted the idea, already, of an extension to this new Sugar Tax. There are calls now for a 20% tax on chocolate and confectionery which, so far, are exempt from this Sugar Tax which does seem very, very odd.

So then, get ready to be ripped off – big time!

Sugar tax sign with sugar cubes in front

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