Startling Admission From Amber Rude: ‘I Just Couldn’t Be Arsed’ Part Two

Yesterday Rude launched a wonderful new strategy to tackle the rise in violent crime. To start with let’s just remember that a strategy is much the same as an inquiry. You set one up in order to actually do bugger all but to make yourself sound good. They are invariably pointless simply because the people they are targeted at are never the people who bother to read them.

Now this ‘strategy’ got a lot of media attention. No surprise there because that was the intention all along. It got her onto the ever popular ‘Voice of the Tory Party’ BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Here she was allowed to say, “It is not all about police numbers.”

She insisted on this bollox in the light of the fact that Home Office statistics show the number of police officers fell from 143,734 in March 2010 to 123,142 in March 2017. This goes along side figures released in November showing a 20% annual rise in gun, knife and serious violent crime across England and Wales.

The real hoot is that Rude went on to claim that the reason for this rise in crime was the result of ‘Social Media’. Talk about clutching at straws!! Did the Krays have Twitter? Did the Mods and Rockers organise meetings via Facebook? Did Peaky Blinders promote themselves via FaceTime?

Amber Rude is an idiot.

Now all of this is bad enough but there is a smouldering stub in the hay stack. Rude had commissioned a report to look at police cuts. Heaven knows how much that cost all of us. This report stated that police cuts have “likely contributed” to a spike in violent crime. The report also said criminals may have been “encouraged” by the reduction in police staffing numbers and a fall in prosecution rates.

Rude was asked about this report she had called for and panicked. She felt trapped. “Quick, quick, think!” Of course, when in doubt go for the oldest trick in the book –

“I haven’t seen this document.” Genius! Brilliant! A Prime Minister in waiting response.

She embossed this reply by saying, “There are a lot of documents that go round the Home Office.” Well how on earth can she be expected to read all the documents related to her senior post in the Cabinet? She has other far more important things to do.

Incompetent or bone idle? Make up your own mind.


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