The Hunt ‘Got A Bulk Discount’ On Luxury Flats Bought From A Tory Donor Claim

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner is probing the Health Secretary’s failure to declare his purchase of 7 luxury the flats

The Hunt allegedly got a “bulk discount” on 7 luxury flats he purchased from none other than a Tory donor!

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner is now probing the Health Secretary’s failure to correctly declare his purchase of the 7 flats.

The Hunt set up Mare Pond Properties in September to run the flats in Southampton.

The 7 flats were developed by a firm owned by Nicolas James Roach who has given more than £50,000 to The Hunt’s constituency office.

The Guardian said a source close to The Hunt claimed he received a substantial “bulk discount”.

A Roach spokesperson said all sales were at “open market value” and The Hunt’s insisted he paid “market rates”.

Caught with his trousers down The Hunt has apologised to Parliamentary authorities for “honest admin mistakes”. This ‘shit-for-brains’ is supposed to be running OUR NHS yet forgot he’d bought 7 luxury flats!

Oh course it wasn’t the fault of The Hunt, it was down to his ‘accountant’!  What a spineless little shit The Hunt is. It’s all been covered-up though because the Cabinet Office are clear that there has been no breach of the ministerial code.

Well that’s alright then! What an utter shower!


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