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Our Weather Wasn’t Due Until Thursday

It didn’t amount to much but we had a glimpse of what the east coast has already seen today. It’s all gone now.

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Dorset Knob Throwers Out In Force This Weekend

The annual event took up its new home at Kingston Maurward this weekend. Well over 4,000 knobbers turned out in force to get theirs out and to fling them as far as they could! Contestants didn’t just get their knobs … Continue reading

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Living In The Middle Of Dorchester Is Only For The Well Heeled

On Thursday councillors decided that they didn’t want any riffraff living in a new housing development in the middle of town and voted to make sure that out of 185 homes not one of them needed to be affordable. There … Continue reading

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Dorset Knob Contest Moves To Dorchester

The Dorset Knob contest has got so big that it has to move to Dorchester this April. It’s been held in Cattistock for nine years but the 10th anniversary sees it move to a new home at Kingston Maurward. As … Continue reading

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TheField Is Five Years Old!

How have we done it for so long?? Many are asking, “Why have they done it for so long???” What started as a little project is now, five years on, an essential ‘Thought for the Day’. Check-out the Archive on … Continue reading

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So Amongst All The Chaos Where Were The Little Nuggets Of Bliss?

Obviously the real joy came from seeing the Big Boys all get sacked. Kicking Giddy Osborne out must have given Tess the greatest enjoyment. The idea of that smug git having to sit on the backbenches is just wonderful – … Continue reading

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Big Garden Birdwatch Done – Thousands Join The RSPB Weekend

That’s it for this year and it seems nearly half a million took part recording which birds arrived in the garden. A tad too windy for many but warmer down in the south than you would expect for the last … Continue reading

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