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Tragedy In Barcelona As Reports Indicate There Are 13 Dead Following A Van Attack

Las Ramblas is the latest region to be added to the growing list of attacks carried out as a terror attack. Reports are that at least 13 have lost their lives after a van was deliberately driven into the crowds … Continue reading

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A Serious First-World Problem!

The BBC is moving its new cooking show to avoid a clash with The Great British Bake Off when it launches on Channel 4. Yes, these are the things we need to worry about here in the country with the … Continue reading

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Still Not Convinced Donny Dump Is Doolally?

We’ll leave you with this one – we have a saying over here; “If he’s right in the head then I don’t want to be!”

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Donny Dump: The World Is Starting To Appreciate What A Very Nasty Little Man He Is

He can play the part of a loud bully but there is nothing to him. He is empty. Vacuous even. Pretty damn spineless as well as his dodgy knee come bad foot draft-dodging shows. He prays on the weak. Those … Continue reading

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Donny Dump Reminds The World: “I Have Tiny, Tiny Hands But A Very Large Penis – So Good!”

Draft-Dodger Donny Dump has now told North Korea that they should be “very, very nervous”. He’s been watching too many Hammer House of Horror films. Dump was responding to tensions that have built up between the two countries and have … Continue reading

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Somebody Knows Who This Jogger Is

IF he didn’t push this woman into the path of the oncoming bus then he has a lot to do to persuade us. If he is as ‘brave’ now as he was pushing her in front of the bus then … Continue reading

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If Britain Was A Tad Brighter We Wouldn’t Have Voted For Brexit

You’ll like this from the University of Leicester. Researchers there say that all it needed was 3% more of the population to have gone on to a higher educational level for Britain to vote to Remain. They have found that … Continue reading

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