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Dr Martens Sees Sales Rising In The East

The famous shoes and boots from the mid-seventies are still going strong and are now making their mark in Japan. They have opened five new shops in Japan and one in Hong Kong. This has resulted in revenues up by … Continue reading

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Is Donny Dump A Serial Liar Or Is He Just Thick?

Well here in the office we suspect he’s actually both. Bad enough all the claptrap he tweets and talks in the US but every now and again he imagines he knows what it going on overseas. It could be funny … Continue reading

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English Teams Do Well In Europe

English sides did well in the Champions League tonight. Liverpool just couldn’t miss!

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Brexit: Davis Tells Us That ‘Everything Is Going Well’ While We Can See It Has Stalled

What do the cartoonists make of all this self-inflicted agony?

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Will America Ever Learn?

You wonder how many people have to die at the hands of gunman on the loose before something is done. We guess that while so many lobbyists think they are some sort of a John Wayne cowboy figure then there … Continue reading

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“Do You Have Anything To Declare?”

Custom authorities were alert to activity at the airport. There was a passenger who was seen to be behaving “suspiciously” in the departure lounge. He appeared to be in pain and had a little difficulty walking. The authorities thought that … Continue reading

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A Simple Message For Donny Dump

So clear and easy to understand. Even Donny Dump, with a little help, should be able to grasp the reaction to his latest rant and rave on Twitter. In simple language Donny they are telling you, as we would say … Continue reading

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