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TheField Is Five Years Old!

How have we done it for so long?? Many are asking, “Why have they done it for so long???” What started as a little project is now, five years on, an essential ‘Thought for the Day’. Check-out the Archive on … Continue reading

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Phil Green Manages To Look An Even Bigger Dick Than We Already Thought He Was!

Phil Green, the dodgiest of dodgy gits who can even make Dodgy-Dave look half ethical, has demanded an “immediate apology”. We just couldn’t make utter cak like this up! HE wants an apology!! Is his head currently rammed right up … Continue reading

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So What Do You Get A Three Year Old Git, Who Is Never Going To Do A Day’s Work In His Life, And Who Already Has Everything?

So what has he got already? Let’s have a little trawl through the interweb and see what we can piece together. The first is that it is just as well he doesn’t have to worry about The Bedroom Tax as … Continue reading

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Princess Lottie And Her Birthday Gifts – All In This Together

The presents for a 1 year-old. Yes, she’s one. What the hell does she need all this lot for? Silver rattle – President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico White gold rattle with diamonds, rubies and sapphires – The Natural Sapphire … Continue reading

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Royal George’s First Day At Nursery.

The little lad is really growing up before our eyes. So like his Dad!

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The Queen’s Speech Uncut

We track down the scene that ended up on the cutting-room floor – Merry Christmas Everyone!! LINK

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Princess Charlotte: The Latest Picture

Looks more and more like her father every time we get to see her.

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