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Swimmers Brave The Water At Weymouth’s Christmas Day Harbour Swim

Over 300 brave charity fundraisers took to the cold water of Weymouth Harbour to support a wide range of local good causes. They were joined by over thousand well wishes who had enough sense to stay wrapped up warm by … Continue reading

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TheField Is Five Years Old!

How have we done it for so long?? Many are asking, “Why have they done it for so long???” What started as a little project is now, five years on, an essential ‘Thought for the Day’. Check-out the Archive on … Continue reading

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Sad To See A Dead Whale Floating Off Of The Dorset Coast

Shipping has been warned to be on the look-out for a dead whale seen floating off the coast at Portland. As yet the poor old beast has not been washed ashore but if it should it will collected and disposed … Continue reading

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Sainsbury’s Would Rather Pour It Away Than Let A Customer Have It As A Gift

You’ve done your shopping and it’s on the moving belt. The operator is scanning each item but suddenly there is a problem. NO BAR CODE!!!! Alert! Alert! No Bar Code! Alert! Now the item is a carton of milk that … Continue reading

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An Afternoon Down On The Beach In November

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A Tale To Warm Your Heart – Seals Keep In Touch Via The Interweb

Once upon a time there were two seals living in a sanctuary in Cornwall. The trouble was Sija liked Babyface just a tad too much! To overcome this tricky situation the staff down in Cornwall realised they would need to … Continue reading

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Half-Term Warning – Take Care Along The Dorset Coastline!

Half-term has only just started but already the fire service have had to rescue someone from a Dorset beauty spot. A male got stuck in the Stair Hole while exploring near Lulworth Cove along the popular south coast beach. The … Continue reading

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Election Posters – Is That The Best They Can Do?

Our guess is that they are so surrounded by sycophants and arse-kissers that nobody dare say what is blindingly obvious. Cameron and Crosby must have thought they were being really clever with their idea but neither could see the error. … Continue reading

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The 11th Of The 11th Of The 11th 2013


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We Can Tell The Townies Have Come To Dorset

Reckon we are about mid-season of when the grockles come along and clog all of our roads. That’s not so bad but why oh why do the numpties feel the need to follow us in their car within touching distance of our number plate? … Continue reading

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