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Election Posters – Is That The Best They Can Do?

Our guess is that they are so surrounded by sycophants and arse-kissers that nobody dare say what is blindingly obvious. Cameron and Crosby must have thought they were being really clever with their idea but neither could see the error. … Continue reading

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The 11th Of The 11th Of The 11th 2013


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We Can Tell The Townies Have Come To Dorset

Reckon we are about mid-season of when the grockles come along and clog all of our roads. That’s not so bad but why oh why do the numpties feel the need to follow us in their car within touching distance of our number plate? … Continue reading

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Olympic Legacy – Damned If WE Could Find It

Well it’s a year on and we are damned if we could find any evidence of a hint of the Olympic Legacy we have heard so much about. As usual when a politician speaks: – It’s all utter bollox! Still – … Continue reading

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Stand-Up Routine: Joke Number 32

Number 27 in an occasional series highlighting the best gags from an outstanding stand-up routine performed in front of literally a room with people. “What does a Wessex girl say after having sex?” “So do all of you play for the … Continue reading

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Dorset Olympic Hero Andrew Simpson In Tragic Accident

Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson MBE lived in Sherborne and won both a Gold and a Silver medal at the Olympic games. Andrew died after his yacht capsized in San Francisco bay during training with the Swedish team Artemis Racing for the 34th America’s Cup. … Continue reading

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Osmington White Horse Gets A Parking Spot

A new viewing point to make a Dorset landmark more visible is to be opened very soon. A parking site off the A353 will give a view of the White Horse at Osmington. It was carved into the hillside 200 years … Continue reading

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