Electoral Reform

Electoral Reform – A Discussion Document

First Draft (April 2014)

Original ‘Kick ‘em Out’ still holds good. Vote for somebody but NOT the sitting MP – Kick ‘em Out!

Voting: Changes to the Voting System

Purpose: To remove pointless, bloated MPs who have been shoe-horned into ‘Safe-Seats’ and stay sitting on it for 30 years. This is ‘Seat Blocking’ that starves parties of fresh ideas and means too many old fools have a job for life.

Recognised parties are to put forward a minimum of two candidates. All votes for these candidates will count towards the recognised party. Whichever party has the greatest number of votes will be the PARTY declared the winner and the candidate of that party with the most votes will be the elected MP.

Those who are not members of a recognised party will be the collective party Independence. If the Independence party win then again, the individual with the most votes will be the elected MP.

SEPT 2014

Two consecutive Parliaments and then they must have one off. They can return for what would be the ‘4th’ and ‘5th’ but couldn’t sit in their ‘6th’.

More than one candidate per Party. Voters would vote for an Individual. The Individuals that make up a Party would decide which Party one and the Individual with the most votes in that Party would be the candidate taking up the seat.

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