Ofsted Suddenly Realise That Teaching To The Test Is A Tad Restrictive

Well who’d have thunk it? You pitch school against school and link the results to funding and then wonder why it goes wrong! Well Ofsted do but then they are all up their own bums!

Classroom teachers told them from day one but Ofsted just ignored them in the usual ‘we know best’ arrogance we have come to expect.

Ofsted are so removed from the day-to-day work of a classroom it really is frightening. It never occurred to them that the first thing any pupil will ask, backed up by their parents, is, “will this be on the test?” When they realise that it isn’t then the response isn’t difficult to imagine.

The genius who has realised that teachers do know what they are talking about is Amanda Spielman. It has finally dawned on her that teaching-to-the-test is at the expense of a “rich and full knowledge”.

What she doesn’t seem to have grasped yet is that it is NOT the schools that need to change but the entire philosophy that pervades through Ofsted and its political masters. Not much chance of that with this current bunch of idiots.

exam success

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Seriously, How Much Longer Can May-Day Hang On By Her Fingernails?

The poor old lady is so far out of her depth it has now reached the point of being a farce.

It’s hard to imagine WHY she wants to carry on as our acting Prime Minister. What on earth does she ‘get’ out of doing it? She gets more and more vague with each week that passes and constantly has to pretend to the world that everything is hunky-dory.

Who does she think she is kidding? Certainly not the majority of the public.

It can only be those higher up the Tory food chain who want to keep her on because they know they can get her to do and promise anything they want. It’s the only thing that makes any sort of sense!

We have had some pretty crap PMs in our past, Gordon Brown springs instantly to mind, but surely May will be given a separate chapter all on her own for being the most clueless with absolutely no rapport with the population whatsoever. Even her friends must admit she has no social skills whatsoever – not much of a strength if you want to inspire and lead people!!


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Now It’s The One Pound Coin – Is There Anything We Can Organise These Days?

Officially the old £1 pound will be no-more come this Sunday. Of course that is pure nonsense! There are still 500 million old pounds in circulation!! Who comes up with these ideas? Come Sunday!

Small businesses and now large Supermarkets have said this is ridiculous time-frame. Quite right too. They will not give out any old pound coins but they say they will continue to take them in.

They accept that we need the new coin because counterfeiting is getting out of hand but why the rush to get the old ones in? Sounds like people with a spreadsheet and the time frame looked nice when they coloured it in.

As one would imagine the clueless, witless civil servants at the Treasury, following the commands of their politicians, come out with the usual trite: On Monday, the Treasury was adamant that consumers should get swapping or spending their old coins now!

The typical “we know best” response. That’s why Brexit is such a calamity.

Andrew Jones visit to G4S

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The Aviva Premiership Table

Already the bonus points are starting to make a big difference to the teams. Simply winning is no longer enough!

table 8th

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The Aviva Premiership Results

Bath and Exeter have had a good weekend and Northampton must feel gutted to lose out to Gloucester by just 5 points.

Not half as bad London Irish though, losing out by just one point. That could cost them come the end of the season.

results 7th

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The Aviva Premiership Takes Over

Rugby takes over this week end with the world cup qualifiers giving us a rest from the football.

Some high quality fixtures to look forward to –

fixtures 2

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World Cup Results

Three results that make a big difference on the road to Russia.


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