St Patrick’s Day: England v Ireland

We are reminded of going to Twickenham some 20 years ago on St Patrick’s Day to watch England v Ireland. We caught the train and headed off to Waterloo Station. The aim was to get to Waterloo and across to Twickenham as soon as possible and find a bar to have a drink in. That was the plan.

On arriving at Waterloo we were aware of a small crowd forming around what seemed to be a burger van. Then we saw that it wasn’t for burgers it was for Murphy’s Irish stout.

It was obvious that they were giving away free samples in half pint plastic cups. Seemed too good to miss so we all thought we’d checked it out. We had our free sample and then noticed that people who had been there when we arrived had ‘sampled’ another one. We trusted our luck and asked for another sample.

So, to cut a long story short, we never made it to that Twickenham pub and only just got to the ground in time for kick-off! Free Murphy’s fuelling us the entire journey!

Thinking back now it doesn’t seem possible. It’s the middle of London with thousands of rugby supporters round and about making their way to the ground. It’s St Patrick’s Day and England are playing Ireland and they are giving away unlimited free stout. It’s Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one! It would never be allowed today but it did happen.


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Champions League Draw

Sods Law: there are only two teams left from the Premier League and they are drawn against each other.


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Damian Hinds: Yet Another Tory Caught With His Pants On Fire

Watchdog sets them alight as Hinds claim that every school will enjoy ‘a small cash increase’ is shown to be wrong

Here we go again. A Tory MP making up figures in the hope that nobody will notice as the new Education Secretary makes false claims that school spending is going up. Sounds like he needs to go back to school and sit-in on a few maths lessons.

The official statistics watchdog identified the porkies from Hinds explaining that, at best, funding is frozen. With the usual bull and bluster the DfE were forced to admit that school funding will only be “maintained” between 2017 and 2020.

It all blew up in Hinds face and pants when he was challenged in The House over the ‘real crisis’ of funding in our schools.

Talking out of his arse the Tory Minister said: “There is more money going into our schools in this country than ever before.

“We know that real-terms funding per pupil is increasing across the system and, with the national funding formula, each school will see at least a small cash increase.”

To highlight just what a little liar Hinds is the Institute for Fiscal Studies has pointed out that school budgets will decline in real terms by 4.6 per cent between 2015 and 2020, because of previous cuts.

Hinds went into hiding and it was left to a DfE spokesman to explain: “Per pupil funding is being maintained in real terms between 2017-18 and 2019-20 and we have updated the parliamentary records to reflect this.”


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The Champions League

The remaining eight teams are left now and there are still two teams from England in there.

Who is in the draw on Friday?

Barcelona (ESP)

Bayern München (GER)

Juventus (ITA)

Liverpool (ENG)

Manchester City (ENG)

Real Madrid (ESP, holders)

Roma (ITA)

Sevilla (ESP)

andriy shevchenko final admin for draw

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How Deluded Is Chancer Hammond?

Flaccid Phil Hammond, Chancer of the Exchequer, has lived a privileged lifestyle for years. He is cocooned from the world that we live in and works very hard to maintain his exclusion from what the rest of us go through.

Consequently, when he is forced to talk to the great unwashed plebs that we are, he has absolutely no idea what to say. He imagines that, much like the speech from a Best Man, if he throws in a few ‘funnies’ we will all think he really is terribly funny. The reality is that it just reveals how terrible he really is.

Trying to build an image for him, the back street guys nicknamed him ‘Spreadsheet’. They should have simply referred to him as ‘Vacuous’.

For such an empty vessel to be put in charge of the finances of the people of this country is deeply depressing. Exposing, yet again, that May-Day is equally devoid of any social skills or contact with reality.

So while this smug faced, multi-millionaire tries to tell us all, “you have never had it so good”, we all know that he is, quite simply, full of cak.


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Manchester City March On

City beat Stoke this evening and continue their dream of the treble.

12th table

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Happy Mother’s Day


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