10/6/12 The Beer Monster Predicts

3/6/12 Day 2

It seems that today is the second day of a total TV blackout.

27/5/12 And the answer is…..but first

All he wanted was a quiet weekend!

No, and that was VERY unkind, it was NOT that Cameron has the biggest boobs. Anyway, what’s wrong with a nice V-neck jumper? Smart but casual. At least we know it’s a Sunday – no ties!

No the answer. as many of you got, is Angela Merkel because she seems to be the only one with any balls.

20/5/12 Well out of the three of them from last week……

Rebekah Brooks seems to be the front runner (horses, get it?? ff) for a stay at HM pleasure. We’ll keep our eyes trained on her progress.

13/5/12 Just football today – Come On Manchester!!!!

As for the answer; not sure yet but we are hoping at least one of them gets sent down for a year or two – watch this space.

6/5/12 The answer

Easy one this week. The Odd one Out is, of course, Boris Johnson! The reason being that he has gone to The People on two occasions and, regardless of what we may think about him, he has won the hearts of the people. Neither Cameron or Miliband has ever achieved this on their own and maybe neither of them ever will.

29/4/12 The answers

  1. £1.20
  2. £2.70
  3. 98p
  4. £1.41
  5. 89p

Sorry David, only 1 out of 5. Still, you did do better than Gideon. Heaven help us!

22/4/12 Quiz of the Week Answer

It’s the tomato because it is really a fruit while the other two are roots. Pass us that shaker filled with Medium-Fat-Hard-Cheese – other geographically located cheeses are available.

15/4/12 Quiz of the Week Answer

It was all about the Mercury Prize. P J Harvey won it in 2011, Elbow won it in 2008 but Richard Hawley was only nominated in 2006 – ‘eee woz robbed’!

Check next Saturday for the next quiz.

8/4/12 Easy one for Easter – Quiz of the Week

It was all about haircuts. You can have a ‘bun’, you can have a ‘mullet’ but you can’t get a broom.

Homeland: please don’t take 70 min to tell us 10 min of storyline for a second week running.

1/4/12 Quiz of the Week

On the bright side we have Sandhurst and Homeland. Both worth a watch.

We also have an acting Masterclass demonstrating the versatility of the amazing actress Emilia Fox. She is constantly taking on parts that stretch her ability. “Right Emilia – give me Oak, give me Beech and now give me Pine”. Brilliant! What a plank.

The current cast of Silent Witness (left to ri...
Is She Acting In This Photo?

So then, the answer: Monty Panesar (sorry. ff)

We can all catch a bus, we can all catch a cold but poor old Monty Panesar will never catch a cricket ball as long as he has a hole in his bum.

25/3/12 Quiz of the Week

So many of you got it right. The answer, of course, is that there wasn’t an odd one out unless you accept that at least the one in the middle talks sense.

We have to admit we have all fallen in love with Claire-Danes. Oh yes, Homeland is on tonight. Claire-Danes is in Homeland. You can see how this is going.

18/3/12 Homeland and footie – Our thoughts go out to Fabrice Muamba

Part five of Homeland on tonight and the clues, or red-herrings, seem to be appearing thick and fast. Great stuff! We have also got Wolves and Manchester United.

So it’s time for the answer to the Quiz of the Week.

The answer is David Bowie. The other two had chart success under another name.

Rod Stewart – In A Broken Dream – Python Lee Jackson – No. 3 – 1972

Eric Clapton – Layla – Derek And The Dominos – No. 4 – 1982

Easy one really.

11/3/12 Sport and danger!

At one o’clock we’ve got the Anglo-Welsh Cup where we are hoping that Northampton give the Scarlet’s a damn good hiding. France and England kick-off at 3 o’clock as long as it’s not too cold for the French.

Seven o’clock means we can see an episode of the World’s Most Dangerous Roads with Hugh Dennis – well we can at least hope.

Then it will be time to settle down to part 4 of Homeland. Just one odd thought we had here. We adore Damien Lewis but wonder why the Americans love this old Etonian as much as we do? Remember he was also brilliant in The Band of Brothers.

So then, Who’s Who from the Quiz of the Week? We will go into a lot more depth later in the week but for a Sunday we will settle for the basics.

As many guessed it was about the millionaires. So who are the gutter snipes amongst this lot?

Only Six Cabinet Ministers are believed to be worth less than £1 million. They are:

24. Business Secretary Vince Cable,

25. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley,

26. Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles,

27. Minister Without Portfolio Baroness Warsi,

28. Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin and last of all in so many ways

29. Scottish Secretary Danny Alexander.

Yes, that really is only six out of twenty-nine. Makes your heart bleed.

4/3/12 Sport and Homeland

Football and rugby dominate today. Leicester and Gloucester start the day, and then we have Fulham and Wolves, now go on to Saracens and Northampton. They have then managed to slip “Paris in the the spring” with France finally playing Ireland in the Six Nations. The sport then ends when Manchester United goes to play Spurs at White Hart Lane.

Then it’s sit back and wait for the next instalment of Homeland.

The Quiz of the Week answer was a good old Geography Homework question. The odd one out was Johannesburg as the other two are capital cities – well as far as the majority of us would understand who don’t have leather patches on our elbows.

26/2/12 Rugby and Homeland

All you need to worry about today is Scotland and France at 3 o’clock and Homeland at nine. Oh yes, there is a footie match on in the afternoon.

So it’s time for the answer to the Quiz of the Week.

It was all down to the top winners of the FA Cup. Tottenham have won it eight times, Arsenal have won it ten times while Manchester United have won it eleven times. The odd team out is Tottenham because they have not won it since the turn of the century. In fact it was back in 1991 that they won it last.

19/2/12 Three top items today

  1. The Quiz of the Week answer
  2. Saracens v Leicester
  3. Homeland

The answer for this week centred on Ed Miliband. Now a few people did mention the fact that he has an uncanny resemblance to Bertie but it wasn’t that picture of the three. It was the Lizard as his lip-licking has been noticed by body language experts. So if you spotted Miliband licking lips this week give yourselves a pat on the back.

Rugby at 2:30 and it should be a cracker.

It’s Sunday, it’s nine thirty and it’s HOMELAND!

(If you are very old you’ll know where this comes from. ff)

12/2/12 Good and bad today

Could be a good game between Wales and Scotland and then we have two hours of Stephen I-really-do-love-myself Fry telling all the other Luvvies how much they also love themselves and everyone else. It’s bad enough that this utter self congratulatory tosh goes on but why the hell does it have to be on the telly?

It’s The Quiz of the Week.

That was very unkind! We couldn’t reprint some of the comments made about Julia Roberts but readers need to bear in mind that many people think she is extremely attractive. The truth is that Meg Ryan has never won an Oscar. Reese Witherspoon won in 2005 for Walk the Line and Julia Roberts won in 2000 for Erin Brockovich. See, they don’t just hand them out for looking good.

5/2/12 Busy, busy

Last part of the 6 Nations part 1 with what looks like the closest encounter between Ireland and Wales. Three o’clock for that one. This is over lapped by Chelsea playing Manchester United in which we’ll have to see how the delightful John Terry greets Rio Ferdinand. There is also some Anglo-Welsh Cup rugby and the Africa Cup of Nations has reached the quarter-finals stage.

When that’s all done there is a repeat of last night’s TV Burp and then the brilliant film 300 with Leonidas as the King of Sparta. Excellent load of tosh.

So now we come to the result of The Quiz of the Week.

It could have been Jimi Hendrix but we are not sure he was the only one to have ‘encountered’ drugs. It could have been Kurt Cobain but he may not have been the only one with a shot gun. It could have been Michael Hutchence as the one known to have had a ‘friendship’ with Kylie Minogue. But it was none of these; it was the Infamous 27 Club. Both Jimi and Kurt died aged 27 whereas Michael was 37. Still got the 7 there though – spooky.

M.Hutchence chanteur du groupe INXS

Michael Hutchence

29/1/12 It’s sports Sunday

All we’ve got today is football and rugby. Lots of live stuff all over the box and some from during the day come late evening. There is also the start of a tired old series that should have been laid to rest long ago.

All that’s left to do is the answer to The Quiz of the Week.

Lots of different answers came on in here with some curious reasons behind their thinking. We have to say that even we were shocked at some of the reasons given for Fiona Bruce being the odd-one-out. We are sure there are still counties where things like that are simply not allowed! It is true that Frank Skinner was part of a number 1 single, nice tie-in with last week’s o-1-o, but it wasn’t that. The odd-one-out was dear old Noel Edmunds. Again there were some unsavoury suggestions but the obvious one was the correct one. Fiona took over hosting The Antiques Roadshow and Frank Skinner took over Room 101 but Noel is the only one to host Deal or No Deal. Simple.

Antques RoadShow Fiona Bruce at Reception

Fiona Bruce doing something

22/1/12  Footie and a film

Both Manchester’s play today and if you’re lucky you can see them both live. Later we’ve got what could be a difficult film to watch if you don’t like confined spaces. It’s ‘127 Hours’ about a mountain climber who falls and gets stuck in an isolated crack in the rock. Trapped by his arm there is only one way to escape!

The Quiz of the Week result for this week goes as follows.

Some contestants thought it was all about drugs but it wasn’t that. A few thought it was something to do with a visa entrance to America but it was far easier than that. It was all down to the number of number-one singles they had in the UK. The Beatles had 17 number 1’s, The Rolling Stones had 6 and The Who had none whatsoever. It was The Who!

15/1/12 Some rugby and a footie match and that’s about it.

The Quiz of the Week. Everyone picked out Brian Turner as the odd one out. We had it down for his version of Yorkshire Pudding with the secret ingredient of vinegar. It really is the best one as long as you get your pan very, very hot. Lot’s of people seemed to think it was Brian because the other two are crooks. Bit harsh we thought but then AWT was caught doing the 5-finger-discount at a Tesco store. Neither should we forget that Gino D nicked £4k’s worth of guitars from Paul Young and spent 2 years at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.


8/1/12 Only one thing to watch today

The two Manchester’s clash at 1 o’clock to day for bragging rights in the next round of the FA cup. Money has to be on City but Fergie does know his way around a cup tie. Good chance of a sending off and that should spice things up.

Quiz of the Week.

Easy one this time around and it was clearly dear old Piers – don’t you just love him? Lots of reasons could be applied but the safest to say is that, to the best of our knowledge, Clarkson has never kissed him while it can be assumed he might have kissed his wives at some time. Plus he did punch Piers but that was only because he got in front of us in the queue.

1/1/12 Answer to The Quiz of the Week

Not too much on today. There are a couple of rugby matches and a couple of football games.

Later there is some Ancient British history which does look very interesting.

So then, answer to Quiz of the Week.

Well it could have been Harry as both Balls and Burley have declared themselves as Tories at times in their lives. It could also be Harry as both Balls and Burley went to Oxford.

It could be Balls as he is half of the first married couple in the House of Commons. It could also be Balls because he had a £60 fine for using his mobile while driving. It could also be Balls because he and that fright of a wife did a bit of House Flipping and claimed £24,400 from us for their trouble.

It could be Burley because he was born in New Zealand but it’s none of these.

It could be Harry as he went to the Blues and Royals, part of the Household Cavalry, which by coincidence is something that James Hewitt was in as a former officer.

Despite all of these possible answers the one we were looking for is that the odd one out is Burley because he only sat next to an idiot dressed up in a German soldier while Harry and Balls actually wore it. Funny how something’s the media chooses to forget.

Here are a couple of pictures to illustrate what went on.

18/12/11 Answer and winners below

And another thing..

Doing a little number crunching reveals an interesting figure. The FF has found in the past that different sources do provide differing figures when it comes to election but these do seem fairly solid. The new MP for Feltham and Heston represents just 15.7% of the electorate in that constituency. It really is time for Election Reform.

And another thing..

Lead is obviously worth lots of money. Why not take it off your own roof, replace it with a cheaper option and then pocket the difference? We are sure we must have missed something but why would you keep replacing the lead only to have it stolen again? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.

And another thing..

Why do people moan about sprouts? They are wonderful little things. Don’t mess about preparing them, cut off the stalk, the outer leaves will drop off and then cut them in half through the stalk that remains. Steam and eat drizzled with gravy. Worth picking out the smaller ones if you are a bit fussy. Yum,yum.

And another thing..

Why do people buy those DVD’s churned out by the latest crop of comedians. Be honest, you watch it once, twice if some mates come around and that’s about it. They all show up on ‘Live at the Apollo’ eventually, save your money. It’s not like music, not even close. A song can take you back to a time, a place and a person in a second. You are there again; time simply stands still. How can a joke do that? Unless it’s the greatest joke every told – I used to be a werewolf, but I’m alright Noooooooowwwwww!

And another thing..

That bloody awful ‘Consider Yourself’ BBC advert. Aaaaggggghhhhhh!

And another thing..

The treatment of Bradley Manning.

Quiz of the Week

The answer might be C. She is easily the best looking one of the three but it’s not that.

The answer might be A. He is the true musician amongst this group but it’s not that.

It is answer B. As far as we know Brian Turner does not have a home in Dorset. This is the FordingtonField after all. It is also the case that the staff here have bumped into Billy Bragg and Lesley Waters while shopping in and around Dorchester – but you wouldn’t have known that.

So who managed to spot the difference we were looking for? Many picked answer C. Sorry Gerry, Terry and John; it was never going to be that easy. Lots did go for A, in fact, it was the most popular answer. Gary, Tom, Pat, Gaye, Heather and Lindsay went for the musician shout and along the same lines Tim, The USA and Dave pointed out the same difference that the other two were cooks come chefs. It was Andy, Richard and Tim that spotted the residency connection so well done to them.

With Christmas coming we guess we’ll all have too much to do so look for a new Quiz of the Week at the start of the New Year.

Thanks for playing so far and have a good holiday.

11/12/11 Answer and Winners soon

Brooker now gets ‘her in doors’ Huq involved in the writing of his new one. Did it really need two of them? How much has that added to the Brooker bank balance? Didn’t see the funny side of the last one and this extension of some sort of X-X-X-Factor type show doesn’t look much better. Black Mirror – considering some of the comments Brooker has made about others in the past it might be worth him looking in his own.

Comedy Awards: The Nominations Show. Give me strength to get through this!

At least we have some rugby.

Now then, the winners of:

The Quiz of the Week

Congratulations to John, Richard and Rose who picked out the odd-one and spotted the correct reason. Many people fell for the thought it was Cameroon on the basis that he was the one who got caught smoking dope. He did get punished and received one hundred lines to do by the morning! Because he is such a clever swot it was made more difficult for him by making him do them in Latin. Sorry, not the one we were after but you’ll find it is true.

Bob, Tim and those in the USA correctly picked out Cloggers as the odd-man but slipped up on why. They all went for the far too obvious –‘the other two went to Oxford’. This is true but not the real reason he is the odd-man (in so many ways.ff)

Just as the three winners spotted it is he who was the arsonist. Yes, we really are ‘burning down the house’ with old Cloggers! He was caught but wriggled out of it by doing a bit of what is best called Community Service. Probably claimed it towards his Social Anthropology studies and his work on conflict resolution. Creeping comes easy to some people.

Look out for another brain teaser next week.

4/12/11 Couple of odd ones today along with the answer and winners to The Quiz of the Week.

The Facebook thing. Should be interesting to see how the documentary on Mark Zuckerberg handles the whole Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss issue. The Field understands that the Winklevoss brothers had a great idea but couldn’t program a sky+. Zuckerberg was a great computer programmer and met the Winklevoss boys. Zuckerberg put the idea together but made sure the end result was way beyond the Winklevoss boys.

At Least I Don’t Look A Nerd

Zuckerberg claims he did nothing wrong which is kind of strange when you bear in mind he paid them $20 million in cash and gave them over a million shares.

Charlie Brooker has the first of his three ‘shows’ over the next few weeks. This one “Black Mirror”. He has done some good TV in the past but I’m not sure about the sound of this. If we’ve read this correctly the story line goes that a princess from the royal family is kidnapped. She will only be released if the prime minister of the day agrees to have sex live on TV. The hilarious punch line to all of this is that he has to have sex with an animal.

No, I don’t get the joke either.

Of course the answer to the Quiz of the Week was ‘a’ – the cat because when they meet one another they do not lick each others arses.

Winners this week as well as being first in were Tony and Lindsay – all the way from Spain as well! Gary, Rose, Richard and Andy also had the correct reason – well done. Heather, Pat and Barbara got the cat but for the wrong reason. Poor Gerry, Sarah and Tim were way off the mark. Sorry Dave, Roger B. and Roger S. you fell for the trick of thinking it was a trick again.

Look out for a new Quiz of the Week  next week.

27/11/11 They are just holding on for Christmas

The Quiz of the Week answer below!

Hugh, having managed to put poultry farmers out of business (it is alleged), has now decided that all we should eat are vegetables. Television cooks? Don’t you just love them? Well actually here at the FF ‘No’, very few of them, apart from a few very notable exceptions. Oh good, Charlie Bore-Man is going on another push-bike ride for his own entertainment. We do hope it’s another 12-week series. Wake us up if something exciting happens…….like he falls off the thing!

Manchester City are off to play some Scousers; take care where you park your cars boys! You want some of it left when you get back.

A member of Big School Council, a toothless collection of conceited prefects, tried to tell everyone that they couldn’t go ahead with the ‘Non-Uniform’ day on Wednesday. Demy, or Ging-a as every schoolboy knows him, is a well known Bully boy and is often sent out by the Head Boy when he doesn’t want to get his uniform grubby. As usual Clogger, even though he is Head of Big School Council, said nothing; as usual.

Sorting through some old photos here at FordingtonField we came across this photo. Does anyone know who this pompous, obnoxious looking git is? Answers by the usual route.

Lots of correct answers to the Quiz of the Week. First in with the correct response were Gerry and Richard. Close on their heels were Heather, Andy and Pat. No prizes for getting your answers in so early but great to see such enthusiasm. Also worthy of a mention are Rose, Tim, Sarah and Tony. Sorry to say but Gary, Lindsay and Barbara were on the wrong track totally- and there was no need to mention THAT as a reason!

Of course the answer was – It’s a Trick Question because there is no difference between them whatsoever!

Look out for another quiz next Saturday.


Thought for the week.

R.S.S. ‘Representative Salary Scheme’

MP’s are getting upset about the numbers who are voting in the elections for a strike 30th November. They are looking to introduce a minimum figure in order for the result to be valid. Now I think this is an idea we can develop and extend although this is one I’m not sure MP’s will be quite so quick to embrace.

We don’t need 650 MP’s, way too many. Letwin has never done a thing for me and is never likely to. Five hundred seems plenty enough to me and then they might actually start to do something for us rather than themselves. If we reduce the number of MP’s we can afford to pay them a little more than the £64K, round about, they are on now.

Now this is where the percentage comes in and already you are way ahead of me. They will be paid £90K but only if between all those standing for election they can get 90% or over to put they ballot paper in the ballot box. It doesn’t matter who they vote for and they can certainly spoil their vote as long as the vote goes into the ballot box.

If the turn-out is 75% then the maximum they will be paid as an MP will be £75K. Only get 50% into that polling booth and they might need to supplement their wages with a few hours at Pizza Hut!

Following the last election the average salary would be £61K, so it looks as we have got it pretty much right.

Top of the pile would be Jim Murphy who would be on £77.3K.

Bottom of the pile would be Alan Johnson on £45.7K.

Letwin would, surprisingly, be on £74.6K (only because we were trying to oust him).

Remember that is the TOTAL number of those eligible who took the trouble to vote, NOT their majority.

They say they want to engage us in the political process. This system would give them one hell of an incentive.

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