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This Is ALL Down To Cameron, No Wonder He Ran Away

The utter mire we are in is entirely due to Dodgy-Dave Cameron. If that idiot hadn’t called a Referendum we didn’t need then May-Day would not have become our so-called Prime Minister. If she never became our so-called Prime Minister … Continue reading

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Cameron With The Lions – The Photo They Wanted Censored

While they couldn’t prevent the photograph being released they did make sure it had been PhotoShopped to make it ‘presentable’. WE have managed to get hold of the original, RAW photo.

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‘Maggie’ May MP Refutes Claim Of ‘Career Opportunist’

“I can’t understand what everyone is talking about” claimed Theresa ‘Maggie’ May as she made her way into an empty Number 10 Downing Street today. She told us exclusively that, “All I want to do is to help hard working … Continue reading

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So Off-Shore Cameron, Time You Did Something: Open Letter

So then Off-Shore, we are afraid it is Balls-on-the-Line time. For a start we have to ask where is the CCTV of that arsehole Mitchell and his rant at the police? If there isn’t any CCTV then the rest of … Continue reading

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