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It’s Like Portland Is Being Used As An Off-Shore Educational Experimental Island

It all started with the setting up of The Academy of Portland for 4 to 19-year-olds. This evolved by closing, although they preferred to call it ‘replacing’, Chesil Cove Federation, Royal Manor College, Grove Infant and Foundation Stage School along … Continue reading

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If They Say It Is ‘Failing’ Then Just Call It Something Different!

It’s a brilliant plan. Get Ofsted to find something ‘wrong’ and then claim a school is ‘inadequate’. The more you keep changing what Ofsted are looking for then the easier it is to find a reason to claim a school … Continue reading

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Kingsize Fraud At Kings Science Academy Free School

Kings Science Academy was one of Gollum Gove’s first free schools. It has just been accused of serious financial mismanagement. The school has been praised by both Prime Minister Off-Shore Cameron and Education Secretary Gollum Gove, both of whom have visited it. Alan Lewis, who … Continue reading

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Cameron To ‘Down-Grade’ Gove From His Cabinet Post

Wouldn’t THAT be fitting? Gollum Gove and that Clown Truss have changed the highly suspect criteria that Ofsted apply to schools they have inspected. They have done it to down-grade as many schools as they can because they want to Privatise … Continue reading

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