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How Quickly Is The So-Called Golfer, Donny Dump, Losing The Plot?

To show just how ‘big & tough’ he is, Donny Dump ordered the dropping of the MOAB bomb in eastern Afghanistan. In the typically understated USA fashion, this bomb is referred to as “the mother of all bombs”. It weighs … Continue reading

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Last World Cup Match For England

The England team have been left kicking their heels after they were kicked/knocked out of the World Cup before the last qualifier had been played. They get the chance to muster up a little pride tonight if, if mind, if … Continue reading

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Just How Long-Winded And Pointless Is This Cricket World Cup?

Yes, it is still going on and we have still not got anywhere near the knock-out stage! That’s right, it started 3 and half months ago {well it damn wells feels like it!} and despite being called a World CUP … Continue reading

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PM Comments From Camp Bastion May Come Back To Bite Him

Off-Shore Cameron met forces stationed at Camp Bastion in Helmand where he had breakfast with the troops. It is just a year before the last British forces are due to leave Afghanistan. He was asked by reporters if personnel were coming home … Continue reading

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330 Troops To Be Sent To Mali – Here We Go Again

So Hammond is now going to send 330 of our troops over to Africa. He tells us that this will be in a ‘non-combat’ role. So Hammond believes he has the authority to tell any enemy force that they are … Continue reading

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Prince Harry Is Coming Home

We wouldn’t mind betting there are a lot out in Afghanistan who wouldn’t mind coming home even with all the snow we have at the moment. Wonder how much it cost us to train Harry to be a helicopter pilot? … Continue reading

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“Our Brave Soldiers – Lions Are Being Led…..” What Did Flynn Say?

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Afghanistan: Is It Sending Out A Message?

We hope so, we hope this means that all our boys will be home very, very soon. Check-out the history of Afghanistan, nobody wins there.

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Prince Harry Is Deployed In Afghanistan

Capt. Harry Wales is actually doing what he is paid for. You have to admit – the boy has got A Lot of Balls. Not doing anything more than our other guys down there but, be honest, he could get … Continue reading

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