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You Wait Around For A Couple Of Days And Then Two Come At Once

Two days ago Tory MP Derek Thomas was forced to apologise for talking out of his arse. Link. Today we have sports minister Tracey Crouch [who?] She has been forced to apologise for suggesting that some of her constituents who … Continue reading

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Tory MP Forced To Apologise For Talking Out Of His Arse

Derek Thomas, the Tory MP for St Ives, claimed that diabetes is “completely avoidable through good diet and exercise”. The level of ignorance, even for a Tory MP, is really quite staggering. He was forced to say he was “sincerely … Continue reading

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The Telegraph Apologises To Margaret Hodge MP

Here is the link to the apology printed in The Telegraph. Apology Link Here.

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The FordingtonField Would Like To Apologise

We are sorry that when we talk about Cameron we refer to him as Off-Shore. We are sorry that we keep calling Osborne by his first name Gideon. We are sorry we refer to Gove as Gollum even though he … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg Video: “Well That’s Alright Then”

One of the most toe-curling videos you will see for some time. Clogger puts ‘everything right’. Not a chance Clegg, not a chance.

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