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Looks Like Not Everybody Is Impressed With Apple Customer Care

A man walks into a shop, it’s an Apple shop. He takes out a metal ball and then smashes the faces of as many iPhones as he can lay his hands on. No, it’s not a joke – he really … Continue reading

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Apple, Taylor Swift ‘Dispute’ Just A Cunning Stunt?

Wow! What a PR story. A real case of David and Goliath as the huge multi-national actually listens to the poor little lone girl and then changes its mind. Who would have thought that a decision made by high-power executives … Continue reading

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Don’t Get An Apple Tell-The-Time Device If You Have Tattoos

Oh dear. We found this very funny worrying. Seems these shining new watches from rip-off Apple devices can’t work if you happen to have a tattoo on your wrist. Seems you could be running along with it only to be … Continue reading

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Maybe Apple Really IS Rotten To The Core?

We have written about Apple many times and it is pretty safe to say we are not impressed. It’s not that their gear is grossly overpriced or that it relies on endorsements from ‘Celebs’ who know sod-all about computers and get … Continue reading

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How Come Computing Isn’t Getting Any Cheaper?

That’s easy – we are being ripped-off. This isn’t an Apple verses Windows verses Android rant because they are all ripping us off. Some of us at TheField are very old. We were writing, yes writing, programs on grid paper … Continue reading

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Delete That Pesky U2 Album With The Apple Removal Tool

We know this looks like one of our ‘misheard’ reports but it really IS TRUE! LINK Across the world people have been so pissed-off with Apple that they have been forced to release a ‘Delete This Cak’ exe! No permission … Continue reading

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It’s Not The Headphones – It’s About The Streaming Service

On the face of it, Appel seems to be buying a set of headphones for $3 billion dollars. Even for Appel that would be madness. Those who know about audio-technology tell us that headphones of a far superior quality can … Continue reading

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How Much Did You Pay For That iPhone? It’s Made From Broken Bits!

Evidence has emerged of a scam going on concerning iPhones and those who are prepared to pay over the odds for a Smartphone. Broken phones from the West are being shipped into China to carry out this lucrative dodge. Once … Continue reading

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In The Run Up To May 7th 2015 You Might Need To Get Used To This

This is the new logo of the Bullingdon Bully Boy Conservatism. The BBBC who will report anything that Crosby and Textor tell them so as they can keep their TV-Tax. Ordinarily they are ‘not allowed’ to advertise a product but when … Continue reading

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Just How Dumb Do You Have To Be To Own An iPhone?

As you know, if you are a regular reader, we have no time for Apple who are just a bunch of rip-off artists as far as we are concerned . You will also know that we consider the half-wits who sit … Continue reading

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