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Two Thoughts Donny Dump Doesn’t Seem Able To Grasp

Two quick emails to The Dump: 1) So Donny Dump, the school employed an armed guard. Now that’s a tad awkward. 2) So Donny Dump, just suppose you do manage to arm every teacher. What happens when the next attack … Continue reading

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Tragedy In Barcelona As Reports Indicate There Are 13 Dead Following A Van Attack

Las Ramblas is the latest region to be added to the growing list of attacks carried out as a terror attack. Reports are that at least 13 have lost their lives after a van was deliberately driven into the crowds … Continue reading

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We’ve Had Enough Of May Trying To Re-Write History

It is no point relying on the likes of the BBC or Sky to tell us anything like the full story. If we are lucky they do get caught out in a live interview though. Listening to May-Day this morning … Continue reading

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So Exactly Why Was Boorish Johnson With Dodgy Dave In New York On Thursday Evening?

Eyes were on Trafalgar Square last night as thousands gathered to remember the victims of the Westminster terror attack. There were people there from around the world, much like the victims of the attack. The world’s media also turned up … Continue reading

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Suárez: All That Needs To Be Decided Is, ‘How Long Is The Ban?’

What a vile, nasty git….again. LINK

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Justin Bieber Attacks!!

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