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Kate And Bill Help Out Tess As Brexit ‘Plans’ Start To Hit The Fan

Just as all the so-called plans that Tess has for Brexit all gather like a dark cloud a couple come to the rescue. Just as she was thinking her Conference was going to turn into a backstabber’s convention along come … Continue reading

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Oh Good – Another Royal For Us To Pay For

At The Field we are all really, really delighted that the Royal Family has had yet another child for the rest of us to pay for. We all feel very honoured. Let’s all hope that the little girl doesn’t find … Continue reading

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Prince George Tells The Field – “I’m Delighted At The News!”

That ginger scamp, Prince George, was running around this morning like a tank commander! He was so excited as news came that he is about to be joined by another drain on the taxpayer! Between tears of joy Ginger-George told … Continue reading

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Something For Royal Baby Fans To Think About

Rather than hand over gifts and cards to a child who will never want for anything at any time during its life, consider this: LINK

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Cameron Spots Yet Another Bandwagon To Jump On

First he tried the British Lions, then Andy Murray, then the Cricket, then Chris Froome, then Porn and now today it’s a royal baby. What a tart the bloke is! It’s a wonder he hasn’t tried to claim he’s responsible … Continue reading

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