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We Actually Agree With Ed Balls!!

Nobody here at the office can remember the last time that this happened but we actually agree with Ed Balls. Radiohead were ‘dirge-like’ at Glastonbury, no, let’s re-word that – Radiohead ARE dirge-like. Now we are fully aware that we … Continue reading

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Labour Looking For A Fresh Approach – ‘To Reach-Out To The Voters’

What a diverse collection of individuals the candidates for the Labour Party Leadership are. Really? Are they? Let’s have a little look shall we? First up is Andy Burnham who was educated at his local schools and graduated with a … Continue reading

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Russian Artist Nails His Ball-Bag To The Cobble Stones

Hard to believe but Poytr Pavensky has driven what looks like a 10 inch nail through his Ball-Bag and into a Crack between the Cobble Stones. This is fuzzy picture version of his latest work – oh yes – he is naked. If … Continue reading

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Ed To Explain The ‘Balls Economy’ At Conference Today In Brighton

Here He Goes Again! Look Out!

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Have You Got A Pair Big Enough To Bring-Up A Child?

It seems there is a link between the size of the two dangling boys and the ability of the father to be involved in the raising of their child. We are not talking bollox here! Emory University in America couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Something About Mili-Bland Taking The Moral High Ground

We can’t quite place what it is – Yes! That’s what it is! Those 13-odd years where the Laws on Tax could have been sorted out and any loopholes made illegal but they did nothing. Instead what we have, due … Continue reading

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UK Finance: There Must Be Better People About?

Mind you, then again, when you look what’s on offer……….. “We’re All Doomed! Doomed! Doomed I Tell You!!” (It is entirely possible the two on the left are one and the same person – can’t be sure. ff)

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