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Gideon Osborne Is Happy To Claim ‘Success’ With UK Economy

Mark ‘Fred’ Carney is not quite so sure about that over at The Bank of England. Having set up some conditions by which he would raise the interest rate to help out savers he is now backtracking. Seems the economy is nothing … Continue reading

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Royal Mail Chief Executive Received £1.47m Last Financial Year

Yes you have read that correctly, the Royal Mail chief executive, Moya Greene, received pay and benefits worth £1.47m last financial year. That’s £1,470,000 to be Queen Postie. The poor love has to get by on a basic salary of only £498,000 which, … Continue reading

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Caroline Criado-Perez, Hero Of The £10 Note, Subject To Abuse

This takes some believing. We mentioned the excellent pressure that Caroline had applied that got Jane Austen onto the new £10 note. We also pointed out the sheer bloody cheek of Mary Macleod MP who tried to make out the … Continue reading

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Mary Macleod MP – The Most Odious MP Today?

Caroline Criado-Perez has been fighting to getting a woman on a bank-note ever since Elizabeth Fry was dropped and replaced by Winston Churchill. Thus removing all women from our bank notes. (Ha, ha you say but the queen blah blah. That’s the luck … Continue reading

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Is It Now Fred ‘Carney’s’ Army At The Bank Of England?

So now we have, at the Bank of England, a Canadian to run it. Nothing can possible go wrong. LINK We are also happy to quash the rumours that the new £10 note is to feature Neil Percival Young. (we’d … Continue reading

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Mervyn King – What Has He Ever Done For Us?

Let’s be honest, what has he done for any of us? Sure, he writes a letter every month to tell us what we already know. He has it as a template now; “Sorry, I cocked-up with the inflation rate yet again. … Continue reading

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The Bank Of Canada As Well As England

Mark Carney: How does that work? Well it certainly says a lot for our system of both education and finance that Gideon Osborne felt he needed to pick a Canadian. Hang on there: isn’t Gideon Osborne a product of our education and … Continue reading

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