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Why Are The BBC So Keen On Military Intervention?

Day after day, newsreader after newsreader on the BBC seem to be urging the country to take military action over Syria. Other than appearing to want to support the Tories there seems little real ‘News’ in this desire. Opinion polls show there is … Continue reading

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Remember Geoff Hoon? “We Will Find Weapons Of Mass Destruction.”

The defence secretary in April 2003 was Geoff Hoon MP and he spoke with total conviction. He insisted to the whole nation: “As I’ve made clear, we will find weapons of mass destruction.” Answering questions from MPs on day 19 of … Continue reading

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John Kerry: “Bonjour mes amis, comment allez-vous ?”

Secretary of State John Kerry suggested today that the U.S. is prepared to join forces with its ‘oldest ally’, France. This is to support their launching of air strikes against Syria as early as this weekend after the British House of Commons … Continue reading

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Cameron Shows His Tango-Man Face But Where Is Hammond???

The thought of these two half-wits leading us into any sort of new military conflict! Heaven help us. If it does happen, and let’s be honest we are being primed for just that, then remember these two ‘Weekend Generals’ will be sitting on … Continue reading

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Panorama Tonight: Can Cameron Sleep After That?

It would be nice to think that Sam-Cam was giving him some earache for something closer to home than Syria. Trouble is the bloke is so far up his own arse that we doubt he takes the slightest notice of … Continue reading

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MPs Debate ‘Arms To Syria’ But Don’t Bother To Turn Up

Stands to reason really. After all it IS Thursday afternoon so they have all skipped off home as usual – probably after PMQs. These Look Interested Just Leave Your Papers Behind For Somebody Else To Clear Up Deputy Speaker Looks … Continue reading

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