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Three Images The Coalition Hope You Will Put Out Of Your Mind

Politicians love to be associated with little phrases and sayings. Here are three where they will probably hope you don’t make the connection:

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Just How Gutless, Spineless And Lacking Integrity Are Our Politicians?

Well, to use a football metaphor, right there at about 110%. They think they can lie, cheat, over-claim, evade and refuse to accept everything for 4 years yet the slate will be simply wiped clean. They are so shallow and superficial … Continue reading

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IDS And McViz Sent Out To Defend The Indefensible

The BBC has carried out a little investigation into The Bedroom Tax. That’s The Bedroom Tax for those hard of reading. They discovered some interesting figures. 5% used to move home, according to Grant Schnapps 6% move home now, according … Continue reading

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Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa Has Reacted Defiantly To Cameron

Cameron demanding for an inquiry into alleged human rights abuses has provoked Rajapaksa into saying “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. The Sri Lankan leader added, “Cameron would do well to look at the disgraceful Bedroom Tax he is bringing in over … Continue reading

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Cameron Enjoys His Night Out – Like Nero Fiddling As The Bedrooms Burned

On the very night that the Commons was casting its most shameful vote for a few years Off-Shore Cameron was out on the ‘raz’. Alright for some. As the ideologically twisted Esther McViz, under orders from Iain and Duncan Smith, … Continue reading

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Crosby & Textor Tell BBC Not To Include Bedroom Tax In The 9 O’clock News

Not a word! Unbelievable! Here is the real news – LINK

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12/11/2013: A Date Of Shame For Many Of Our Politicians

The fact that is comes the day after Remembrance Day is even more shameful. Clear demonstration that for many of them wearing a poppy was just something they were told to do. The Tories and the even more shameful FibDems licked … Continue reading

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