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The Wacken Open Air Rock Festival Will Never Be The Same

In the past beer trucks have churned up the fields in and around the site bring beer to all the music lovers which have numbered 75,000 fans a year over three days. Each one of them consumes, on average, nine … Continue reading

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Men Have To Go To The Pub – Scientific Fact

We have known for years but now it is official – meeting for a pint is essential for men to sustain their friendships. This has been confirmed by Professor Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary biologist from none other than the University … Continue reading

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Live To 100 With A Cold Beer Every Single Day

Doctor’s Orders for Millie Bowers is a pint of cold beer every single day and come the end of the month she will be 103. She’s seen off the Great Depression along with two husbands and puts it down to … Continue reading

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Cameron Goes Off-Piste While On His Trip Down Under

Looks like ‘Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer’ Cameron forgot the prepared script and starting shooting from the hip. Without seeming to consult with anything like his legal team he decided that individuals should be banned from returning to the UK for at … Continue reading

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Osborne- “Don’t Forget It Is A Whole 1p Off Every Pint From 25/3/2013”

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Emails And The 1 Penny Beer Tax Credit

Yes dear readers, we have become obsessed with the 1p Beer Tax Credit. This is not an apology though. The reason we have banged on about it must be obvious to regular readers. So for those who have not got … Continue reading

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Remember To Thank Osborne This Weekend

Not until the 25th though.

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