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Fox News Facts! Fair And Balanced! My Arse!

Well apart from the utter bollox they and their guests come out with of course. A genuine Nut-Job, Steve Emerson, told viewers to the Murdouche channel, “There are ‘actual’ cities like Birmingham that are TOTALLY Muslim where Non-Muslims just simply … Continue reading

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£77m To Be Spent By Cameron On Cycling In England Cities

Doesn’t that sound great? Few people would begrudge Cameron spending that much money to benefit us poor plebs in these days of austerity. Well we would but you had guessed that already. So why are we such a miserable bunch when … Continue reading

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HS2 Vote Up In That There London This Week – A Con Trick

Just as long as our politicians spend loads of money, that we haven’t got, up there in that there London that seems pretty fair to us. You can bet Ollie Let–Me-Have-A-Quiet-Life–Win will be putting the case forward for some of that … Continue reading

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