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Is It Because Blair Was Denied An Action Man Doll As A Child?

What is this obsession that Tory Bliar has with wanting to send other people to war? He never wants to go himself but seems to love the idea that he can send others to play his ‘War Games’. Is it … Continue reading

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Talking Of Spin: Tory Bliar Spins Over Iraq

Sounds like there will be some spin applied by the contributors to Panorama tonight. It appears that the BBC gets told that Tory Bliar was ‘misled’. Sounds a lot of cobblers and one or other of these options apply. If … Continue reading

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One Million Dollars For 3 Hours Work: Tory Bliar

It’s hard to get your head around this. This War Criminal, who should be on trial at the Hague, has found himself a nice ‘little’ earner. Seems he has also found a ‘Hair-Stylist’. Link Check -Out The Sunday Times – What … Continue reading

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