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The Manchester Arena Explosion

British police have reported that 22 people including some children were killed in a suicide attack carried out by one man after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on Monday. Why?

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How Quickly Is The So-Called Golfer, Donny Dump, Losing The Plot?

To show just how ‘big & tough’ he is, Donny Dump ordered the dropping of the MOAB bomb in eastern Afghanistan. In the typically understated USA fashion, this bomb is referred to as “the mother of all bombs”. It weighs … Continue reading

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Bomb Scare At Old Trafford And Nobody Thought To Ask Anybody

So the staff at Old Trafford are alerted to a suspicious package at the ground. Nobody thinks to themselves, “That’s funny, we had a Bomb Alert Training Session earlier this week. No point mentioning it though.” The police are informed … Continue reading

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