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London Marathon: We Stand With Boston, Shoulder-To-Shoulder

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Boston Bombers – Some Hypocrisy Going On Here

There seems to be a move in the media that suggests that these brothers were very ‘stupid’ because, clearly, they had not thought through their ‘exit strategy’. Now regular readers will know that we always look for a juxtaposition and … Continue reading

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The Horror Of The Boston Marathon

As time goes by the disturbing possibility grows that the attack was ‘Home Based’ starts to gain momentum. There is nothing in the Public Domain yet to say one way or the other but this is the feeling amongst those who … Continue reading

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Shocking News From Boston

The Boston Marathon took place today and it appears that two bombs exploded within 20-30 secs of each other near the finish. You will need to do your own search at this stage as there is just too much information coming in … Continue reading

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