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It Really Is ‘Rip-Off Britain’ And Nobody Seems To Care

Nobody likes to see prices rising. Those who are buying are put off buying and those selling often see their sales drop. What is needed is some way of hiding the fact. Unless the item has a fixed amount, like … Continue reading

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How Can Anybody Accuse The BBC Of Running Out Of Ideas? Easy!

Tonight it’s easy to see why the top executives at the BBC are paid the big bucks. Their imagination just takes them off into the outer stratosphere. When it comes to scheduling they really are the dogs bollox. What other station … Continue reading

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Jeremy Isa Hunt Avoids £100K Tax Bill: Insider Dealing???

Jeremy Isa Hunt managed to legally reduce his potential  tax bill by more than £100K because it was completed just days before it was announced there was to be a 10% rise in the tax on dividends in April 2010. What a lucky guess! Big Hunt … Continue reading

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So Who Said This Back In 2009?

“Today in Britain – not in some foreign dictatorship, not in a bygone age, you can wake up in the morning, in your own bed, in your own home to hear a knock on the door from an official with … Continue reading

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UK Patients Ripped Off By Private Health Hospitals

The Competition Commission has this morning produced what will be seen as a damning indictment of the purely private part of Britain’s healthcare provision. LINK The watchdog says there is inadequate competition inside the private health market and that private health … Continue reading

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What Did Cameron & Osborne Say About Our Credit Rating?

The Tory manifesto of 2010 came out with a right load of old cobblers: The bedrock of this new economic model will be the stability and low interest rates that come from a credible plan to reduce our record budget deficit, … Continue reading

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