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Somebody Knows Who This Jogger Is

IF he didn’t push this woman into the path of the oncoming bus then he has a lot to do to persuade us. If he is as ‘brave’ now as he was pushing her in front of the bus then … Continue reading

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Tory Attempt To Avoid The Law Rejected By A Judge

Dodgy-Dave is full of all his ‘open and transparent government’ until the cak hits the fan and it’s him we want to look at. Dodgy paid a very expensive QC to try and convince a judge that the 2015 Election … Continue reading

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Our Energy Problems Solved: A Bus Running On POO!

Don’t go and tailgate any buses between Bath and Bristol Airport. You do not want to get too close to their exhaust fumes because it runs on poo. Food waste and human poo! Does it need a coffee to get … Continue reading

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