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When Bliar Was Asked, “Why Do People Hate You So Fundamentally”

Still believing he is right, Bliar appeared on Sky as a favour to his best mate Rupert. He looked shocked though when asked the most basic question of all! Why do people hate you? LINK

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Donald Dump Becomes Totally Confused When Confronted By Men With Integrity

Warning about the language found in the quotes: 18 Donald Dump had the cheek to walkout at a rally to the REM hit “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” without even thinking about asking permission – … Continue reading

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Monday 10:35 – The Lies About WMD On The 10th Anniversary

Panaorama has an hour special on the tenth anniversary of The Iraq War. Maybe we will finally get the truth behind the fabrication, wishful thinking and lies. “The Spies Who Fooled The World” Looks like the BBC have been on … Continue reading

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Berlusconi Gets 4 Years – Now For Blair And Bush

The Italians have managed to do it so why the hell can’t we? Berlusconi only did a little bit of tax fraud. Over here that would probably be put down as mere Tax Avoidance and every MP would be trying … Continue reading

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