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Osborne Enjoys The Real Benefits Of Living Rent-Free At Our Expense

Bad enough that the supercilious, smug git Gideon Osborne lives rent-free at our expense. What now comes to light is what he does with his own £1.85 million-at-least property in the mean time. Well he bought it for £1.85 M but … Continue reading

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Dorchester Prison Closing Next Month

As reported here before the gaol is closing with the loss of 157 jobs. Shows how much influence our Tory MP Ollie Letwin really has with Off-Shore Cameron: bugger all. LINK Now to really rub salt into the wound we … Continue reading

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Cameron Brings Forward His “Help To Buy To Let” Scheme

Off-Shore Cameron can see his dream for the country coming ever closer. He has brought forward his ‘Help To Buy To Let’ scheme in the hope that we will soon be – A Nation Of Private Landlords Having sold everything … Continue reading

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